The black cat adventure - UE4 Lighting study - Reflections

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"I wonder who did this..."
- Cat.

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///Hey guys, this is my take on the lighting for the Reflections demo by UE4. ///

As a game student trying to become a lighting artist for games, I really focused only on how to tell a story through the mood of an environment and its lighting. I was looking at urban photographies on pinterest and a lot of the references I chose had a cat strolling around in an alley. Then I found out about a big inspiration for lighting (especially in this relight) was Koola and his HK project. Basically, it's a game about a cat discovering places. It was a lot of fun and a good learning experience trying to figure out how to tell a story through a curious cat and its surrounding, I had many and constant feedback from my teacher to keep pushing the quality of this project.

The lighting is baked with a very few dynamic lights.
The cat is a free rig online: