The black cat adventure - UE4 Lighting study - Desert ruins

Peter binh vinh tran 02

"Maybe I should leave this place"
- Cat.

Peter binh vinh tran 01

Detail lighting

Peter binh vinh tran 04

UE4 high resolution screenshot

Peter binh vinh tran 03

Detail lighting

Peter binh vinh tran 06

UE4 high resolution screenshot (Crop variation 2)

Peter binh vinh tran 05

Detail lighting (Crop variation 2)

Peter binh vinh tran desert

My process for lighting & level design

Peter binh vinh tran a zbrush


Peter binh vinh tran screenshot006


Peter binh vinh tran inspiration


Watching all the new releases from E3 made me really pumped up and finally could wrap up this lighting project of mine. I wanted to do more level design while primarily focusing on composition and lighting than simply relighting an existing environment. My initial inspiration was a concept for the Assassin's creed Origins made by Raphael Lacoste (top left in my inspiration board). It had this super mysterious and adventurous mood in it. I thought that could perfectly fit my ''black cat adventure'' series in it.

For this scene, the only thing I modeled and textured were the pillars. I made the 90% of the highpoly with traditional modeling inside Maya. Then I pass it through Zbrush for some minor tweaks here and there to finally make a lowpoly version and baked with toolbag.

///The rocks and its textures are from ShoreCaves: ///

The lighting is fully baked and optimized.